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  • 06:52:12: #ESS11 – Google: organize the world’s information = making it searchable
  • 06:53:00: RT @IntranetFocus: Mark Rudick from Google at #ESS – average search query in Google has dropped over the last few years from 1.7 to 1.2 …
  • 06:54:07: 80% of data in enterprise is unstructured, only 12% of IT spending #ESS11
  • 06:55:42: #ESS11 Google: combine data sources – 360 degree view – actionable intelligence — #buzzword bingo!
  • 06:56:48: #ESS11 Google – few companies allow enterprise search from phone, just a little time and money (Martin White says it’s harder than that)
  • 06:57:24: #ESS11 – simplicity of UI is not lack of power [Avi says, filters are not facets]
  • 07:04:37: #ESS11 – note: facets must be architected, show real choices and no dead ends
  • 07:05:21: #ESS11 – internal Google testing doesn’t scale: they loved Buzz and were shocked that it tanked in public
  • 07:06:58: #ESS11 – Google knows who you are, what you know, who I work with – make special personalized search results
  • 07:07:45: #ESS11 – Google translate in the cloud is pretty cool
  • 07:08:51: #ESS11 – mobile search interfaces, plugging Google Voice search for enterprise
  • 07:18:38: #ESS11 Lisa Welchman governance has *soul* – collective experience – inter-generational understanding
  • 07:21:17: #ESS11 – balance the triangle: accountability – autonomy – effectiveness (quality) – webgovernance
  • 07:26:45: #ESS11 – Welchman re governance – formalization of authority, policy, standards, or people do what they want and waste money, get it wrong
  • 07:33:08: #ESS11 – W3C standards make the web possible, operating within a framework is liberating
  • 07:39:44: Enterprise data is not structured like ecommerce catalog data, it’s MUCH HARDER to build facets. No easy Google answer.
  • 08:28:16: Alan Pelz-Sharpe – 20 Search Vendors in 30 Minutes – vendor-neutral #ESS11
  • 08:31:13: Pelz-Sharpe: corporate hoarding behavior, desperate need for governance – ex. 35 bill documents, want federated search on all of it! #ESS11
  • 08:32:30: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – search engines have surprising diversity, easy to make a bad match to the situation
  • 08:34:14: #ESS11 – no one has disrupted the enterprise search world for a long time
  • 08:35:34: #ESS11 – vendor qs: location? (long-term relationship), strengths and weaknesses? what platform? how good a fit for specific situation?
  • 08:38:46: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – bigger vendors may shut down search projects, or let them sink, or sell/acquire
  • 08:40:36: #ESS11 – four top search vendors, *completely* different companies – Microsoft/FAST, Autonomy, Google IBM
  • 08:42:50: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – Autonomy, unusual vendor: don’t call themselves search, powerful IDOL platform for some, unbelievably complex & $$$$
  • 08:44:06: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – search is a LONG TERM INVESTMENT, requires people, attention, resources
  • 08:44:22: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 Microsoft SharePoint search works well; FAST is geared for federated & complex environment
  • 08:44:45: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – IBM, big on text analytics, business processes
  • 08:46:20: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – Google Search Appliance, not same as, small part of overall business, more a search, not a platform
  • 08:48:07: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – Lucene surprisingly common – impressive, open source framework, source code, needs development, esp. in Europe
  • 08:49:15: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – Oracle text search, sells widely into Oracle customer base
  • 08:52:47: #ESS11 more search engines (many offer customization): Thunderstone, ISYS, dtSearch, Omniture/Adobe (formerly Atomz), Exalead…
  • 08:53:39: Pelz-Sharpe, #ESS11, most search vendors trying to break into Business Intelligence, much larger market than search
  • 08:54:48: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – e-discovery (legal search) is hyped up but no one seems to do much, not sure where it’s going
  • 08:56:37: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – Faceted search becoming a big thing in big enterprise, real need for better navigation
  • 08:57:48: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – more vendors, Recommind (legal), Endeca (really good at faceted search), Open Text, SAP (netweaver) not their focus
  • 08:59:33: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – growing divide between product and platform in search (and other markets, ECM)
  • 09:00:32: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – hard to complete with bundled search engines, but there’s a need to cross repositories
  • 09:02:14: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – search will explode, getting out of the box, something creatively cool will happen, but what?
  • 09:03:30: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – federated search is impossible to do really well, out-of-the-box connectors are just a start, need lots of config.
  • 09:03:55: Pelz-Sharpe #ESS11 – define specific needs when talking to vendors!
  • 09:17:26: J. Saha – mobile search = more eyes more often #ESS11
  • 09:18:30: Mobile search challenges: screen space, click zones, minimal typing, networks slower and less reliable, high expectations – J. Saha #ESS11
  • 09:20:55: How to implement faceted navigation on mobile? Amazon and eBay have some examples
    Avalon Consulting #ESS11
  • 09:22:18: mobile search interface, use pop-up nested lists, landscape / portrait mode Avalon Consulting #ESS111
  • 09:23:27: Auto-completion – expose and educate users, must be fast (< 100 milliseconds) – do it on client side! Avalon Consulting #ESS111
  • 09:25:12: Mobile search: as user types, show a facet! Giving power to end-user, move quickly Avalon Consulting #ESS111
  • 09:29:12: Fundamental shift of information – from centralization to customization – Greg Nudelman, DesignCaffeine #ESS11
  • 09:30:33: Design for context – improve individual’s ability to leverage wisdom – doesn’t have to do everything, or be complex DesignCaffeine #ESS11
  • 09:31:35: Mobile search inputs: keyboard, camera, touch-screen, microphone, etc. Greg Nudelman, DesignCaffeine #ESS11
  • 09:32:30: Mobile search design – QR codes – automatic data entry- Greg Nudelman, DesignCaffeine #ESS11
  • 09:34:33: Inputs: Amazon Remembers – take picture of book, connect it to the the database / Google Voice input – Greg Nudelman, DesignCaffeine #ESS11
  • 09:35:11: Calendar as search interface – but the defaults have to be right! DesignCaffeine #ESS11
  • 09:36:30: UI date range patterns: offer common choices as links, become search DesignCaffeine #ESS11
  • 09:37:23: Browse is good, when no other info, use last user queries – Greg Nudelman, DesignCaffeine #ESS11
  • 09:40:57: problems with auto-suggest – may cause more confusion – Greg’s tap-ahead is a cascading menu, like a facet – Greg Nudelman #ESS11
  • 09:42:25: 0 results – do something good! Approach mobile search results design: there WILL be 0 hits, offer alternates, spellings, location #ESS11
  • 09:43:49: Refinements on mobile UI: limit typing, default to basic interface, default to local Design Caffeine #ESS11
  • 09:47:39: SiteWorx – Giovanni Galabro – high pressure for mission-critical search interfaces – #ESS11
  • 09:50:42: Convergence – mobile and current content. Example: field soldier: specific equipment, quirky slow satellite net, noise #ESS11
  • 09:52:02: Analysts: alerting real-time, communications, trends, tracking SiteWorx #ESS11
  • 09:53:37: Search in the field – desperate need for speed, color coding for interface, quiet design, simple for many platforms SiteWorx #ESS11
  • 09:56:23: Search can be a report, concentrate content, collapse and expand data sections, personalization
    Giovanni Calabro SiteWorx #ESS11
  • 09:58:02: Design approach – consider ultimate goal — all search has content and audience – SiteWorx #ESS11
  • 09:59:03: Search metrics – is it working and if not, why? Giovanni Calabro SiteWorx #ESS11
  • 11:23:40: Understanding Activities Through Data, Mindbreeze, part of Fabasoft European Software vendor / also Folio CMS – #ESS11
  • 11:31:49: Mindbreeze analytics demo: indexes web sites, cloud CMS, wikipedia
  • 11:35:19: Analyze search statistics – location, facets, sources, automatically connect with CRM, generic analytics get personalized Mindbreeze #ESS11
  • 11:43:49: chaotic information, semi-structured at best. years of cruft make it hard for organizations know what they know – Recommind #ESS11
  • 11:45:33: Predictive technologies, understand concepts and information – example automatic email filing. E-Discovery, find relevance Recommind #ESS11
  • 11:47:37: Search-powered Information Governance – index repositories, cloud-based docs: analayze use statistical tools, act on it Recommind #ESS11
  • 11:49:19: Ex: energy company, moving all file shares and old sharepoint to SP 2011 — predictive 4 classify, content type, retention #ESS11 Recommind
  • 11:53:41: Enable governance = enterprise search + predictive analytics + actions by Recommind #ESS11
  • 11:57:00: Recommind predictive categorization — transparency, show why, get 85% success #ESS11
  • 12:21:23: Piles of information, multiple data sources, what to save online, off line archives, delete? common taxonomy, classification – H5 #ESS11
  • 12:23:30: Not just structured vs. unstructured data: more a continuum from rigid databases to totally unstructured notes – KapStone #ESS11
  • 12:24:32: RT @elreiss: My keynote, “The Dumbing Down of Intelligent Search” presented at #ess, is now online:
  • 12:28:10: Define value of content to organization, concentrate on likelihood of usefulness, index the good stuff first #ESS11
  • 12:28:46: RT @watchingsearch: Search as a service in the enterprise often leads to customizations that outpace ROI #ESS11
  • 12:36:26: Measure effectiveness of search – hard to get both high recall and precision – H5 says they can get both #ESS11
  • 12:47:13: Create search evaluation methodology, spend time crafting test queries, run test suite periodically, calibrate as necessary – H5 at #ESS11
  • 12:51:02: Tension between manual and automatic classification – Chris Deslandes of KapStone says only automation can deal with backlog #ESS11
  • 12:52:31: James Wolf of H5 – discovery and compliance require full recall, categories #ESS11
  • 12:57:49: construct searches that go through archives (e.g. email), define legal requirements, confidence to get rid of the rest – H5 at #ESS11
  • 16:06:44: #ESS11 hashtag archive:
  • 16:12:56: #designingsearch is a gorgeous book full of real, tested, search UI information! Discount, 36% off:

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